Don’t Be Afraid to Upgrade

The world of marketing is becoming harder and harder. Companies with new marketing concepts arise at least every year. Once it happened over a generation, but now it is the nature of the beast.

One of the latest newcomers to the scene is the on-demand delivery. The concept has shifted the stage. It has created many unknowns for local businesses and brands. Can on-demand business run the local brands to the ground? Perhaps it is the exact opposite – an opportunity up for grabs if you have the smarts and the know-how.

The Age Of Technology

On-demand delivery services started from simple parcels and packages. The system has now spread to catering and grocery shopping reshaping the way people shop. The ways people shop for their week’s or months’ worth of food is also changing. Companies that take risks in the sector could become as popular as the regular trip down to the shops is. Busy work schedule, a busy home life and so little time, going shopping is the last task on your list. And if you don’t have ingredients for a roast around dinner time, there is no shame in ordering a pizza.

More Harm Than Good?

The concerns are legitimate. Many small businesses rely on their loyal consumer base. The chance of something cheaper coming along is a viable possibility. They are afraid of their loyal clients choosing to use a competitor that allows them to shop without a fuss.

But, before jumping the gun, it is worth looking at the positive possibilities brands have.

Become Digital

Many brands have already seen the impact e-commerce has on sales. People don’t have the time to stop by their local market. They are willing to spend more for their goods and delivery combined. Brands who have online shops and use social media channels have seen a rise in revenue. The customer base chooses better service rather than low price.

Ordering online allows people receive their good the next day. In some cases, it is only a matter of hours. It can be less time consuming than leaving the house or workplace for an actual shop. This trend encourages businesses to look into their customer base to see what they want.

Some business owners are not quite comfortable with setting up a digital footprint. They can hire someone to help. Technology works for both sides – the seller and the consumer. An easy online ordering system can boost sales and grow the business.

Be Brave As A Business

When new and untested marketing tools present themselves, it can be quite intimidating. If you own a small store in a small town, you still can only reach a certain amount of people who pass the shop window. If you venture into delivery – it opens up a broader customer base.

If you are looking into the next new thing on the block, don’t think you are betraying the customers. You can still sell on the shop floor. Adding a social media presence and on-demand delivery will help your business grow. It will generate more interest in your products.

After all, business is an investment. Outsourcing a delivery company is a worthy investment. Your business can still play in the same sandbox as the big brands around the globe. Perhaps most of your customer so far seem to be from an older generation. Ask their children or grandchildren what they think of the business. Sometimes the most unlikely advice is the best. Look at your customer base, expand it and don’t be afraid of the unknown.


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